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16.04.12 New Single - 'Life In A Day'. Free Download !

The title track from our new single 'Life In A Day' is now available as a free download. This download is available directly through Bandcamp.

'Life In A Day' is available directly in mp3, WAV, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis formats. Please download the free single in your choice of format.

04.07.11 New Single - 'Snakes / Ladders'. Release Date 18.07.11

Our new single 'Snakes / Ladders' will be released on July 18th.

This is the second new release since our retrospective album 'Ten'. Going out as a digital release only, this two track single features the titie track 'Snakes / Ladders' plus the previously unheard 'Pressure Point'.

'Snakes / Ladders' will be available in mp3, WAV, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis formats. Further information on this release will follow shortly.

Check out the sleeve art below....

28.02.11 New Single - 'Masquerade'. Out now.

The brand new Cinephile single 'Masquerade' is out now.

This limited edition CD single (750 units only) features two new Cinephile tracks - 'Masquerade' and 'Paradise Lost (Instrumental)'. The sleeve art is unique for each unit, and all editions are both numbered and signed. The single will be officially released on Monday 28th February.

* Please note - this release has now sold out *

09.01.11 New Single - 'Masquerade'. Release Date 31.01.11

The next Cinephile release is the two track single 'Masquerade' which goes out on February 28th. The single will be available in digital format and as a ultra-limited edition numbered CD. Advance order details to follow.

This is the very first release of the all new material we've written for the forthcoming album. The release of 'Masquerade' marks the starting point of our own personal progression from the earlier material featured in the retrospective 'Ten' compilation.

We're looking forward to letting you hear it....

01.12.10 Previously unreleased track available as UNICEF charity download

Our previously unreleased track 'One' (from 2006) is available as a charity download until the end of December 2010. All proceeds will go to UNICEF.

You decide what you pay. We've set the minimum price at £0.20 but there is no maximum. Please dig deep and give what you can. Thank you.

* Please note - this release is no longer available *

10.10.10 2000 - 2010. A Ten Year Retrospective - Out Now

We're pleased to announce that our retrospective album 'Ten' is out now.

This album features ten tracks reflecting the core sound of Cinephile over the past decade. From 'Being Human' right the way through to 'Medusa'.

'Ten' is available as a limited edition CD digipak (1000 units only) and in digital download format from all the major distribution channels.

For more information and purchasing options please click here.

26.09.10 Cinephile - 'Ten' available to pre-order now !

We've been overwhelmed by e-mails from you regarding our forthcoming retrospective release 'Ten' (see below for details). The album is a limited edition release (1000 units only), and many of you have written to ask if an advance order option is available to guarantee getting a copy....

Well, you will be pleased to know that 'Ten' is now available to pre-order over in the shop. All pre-orders will be shipped on the release date. So, if you don't want to leave it to chance, why not pre-order your copy now ?

Lastly, we should mention that the release of 'Ten' will bring the limited edition run of 'Sampler: Volume One' to a close. If you want to pick up one of the last few remaining copies now is the time to do it.

Cinephile -'Ten'. Pre-order your copy NOW !

01.08.10 Cinephile - 'Ten'

It's been almost ten years since we wrote 'Being Human'. As most would agree, a decade is a long time to do pretty much anything let alone be a band. What better time to look retrospectively at the past ten years ?

On October 10th 2010 we will be releasing 'Ten'. The compilation album will feature the ten best Cinephile tracks from the past decade.

Besides celebrating the past ten years, there is also a practical aspect to this compilation. 'Ten' will be the last release to feature any of our older material as we draw a line under everything we've done up until now.

Why draw a line....? well, we're currently in the final stages of putting down the new Cinephile album which is due out early 2011. New means just that - a whole album's worth of completely new, unheard tracks. To top it off, we'll be releasing the teaser single on December 6th 2010.

So, one decade comes to an end and another begins. Time to celebrate the old, and prepare yourselves for the new. Are you ready....?

Cinephile - 'Ten' / Release Date: 10.10.10

12.05.10 'Better Said' on CSI: NY tonight !

The special edition release of the previously unavailable 'Better Said' is now available to coincide with it's inclusion in CSI: NY 'Unusual Suspects' which airs on CBS tonight (May 12) in the United States at 10pm ET/PT.

The two track single release also includes 'Undone' and is available as a digital download. You can purchase 'Better Said' in your choice of mp3, FLAC, AAC, or Ogg Vorbis format directly from the Cinephile shop.

'Better Said' ¬

Who said they'd be with me night and day ?
Who said they'd be with me come what may ?
Who said I would never hurt again ?
Was it you who said ?

Who said no one else could take my place ?
Who said i wouldn't need a just in case ?
Who said there were happy times ahead ?
Was it you who said ?

You said you'd be with me night and day
You said you'd be with me come what may
You said we'd be happy all the time
It was you who said

20.04.10 Cinephile - 'Better Said' licensed to CSI: NY

A quick update to let you know that 'Better Said' has just been licensed for use in the forthcoming CSI: NY episode 'Unusual Suspects' (series 6, episode 21) which airs on CBS in the United States on May 12th.

To coincide with the TV broadcast we've decide to release a special digital edition of 'Better Said'. The previously unavailable track will be posted on May 3rd with a varity of download options on offer directly from the shop.

Full release details will follow soon, so keep your eyes here on this page.

27.03.10 Add yourself for special content....

As most of you know we're currently locked away in the studio working on the new Cinephile album. If all goes according to plan we'll be releasing a body of new material on a scale we haven't acheived previously.

We wouldn't be able to do this if it wasn't for all your support both past and present. We've always been driven by the reaction from those of you who have come to gigs, bought our music, and sent messages of support.

So, by way of thanks and whilst this creative period continues we thought that we'd make some special content available exclusively to our mailing list members. If you're a fan and you haven't joined the mailing list, you can do so via the direct link below.

Add me to the Cinephile mailing list for updates and special content.

We will not spam or pass your address on to a 3rd party

26.01.10 New horizons....

Work on the new album is progressing steadily. The winter months have always been good when it comes to writing new material and this year has been no different. There's something about the lack of daylight and low temperatures which makes the whole process a little more focused.

In the beginning we used to write track after track, working through each idea one at a time to see where it would lead. Some tracks would quickly develop and reach the 'nearly finished' stage before grinding to an abrupt halt. Other ideas wouldn't last a day before being put aside. The finished songs we completed were the tracks that just naturally came together.

Things are different now. Instead of working one track at a time there are always a bunch of tracks on the go. Songs that develop naturally are no longer in the minority, it's the other way around. If anything it's more the backlog of tracks needing mixed down that are now the problem.

So, heres to the new album, or should i say....albums ?


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